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BOM on drawings


New member
I just started using Wildfire after using Solid Edge for 4 years and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make a template for placing BOM information on a drawing. In Solid edge you just clicked a balloon button and it ballooned the parts and created a bill of materials table. You then had to adjust the width and height of the cells and once you had it the way you wanted you just saved the configuration so you could use that format any time you did a new drawing. It would just populate and create the corect number of cells for that assembly.And you could pick from a table whatinformation you wanted in each cell. It was so easy. Will Wildfire do this? I'm reading the help files and it wants you to type scripts for the information that goes in each cell and you have to manually create the table sizes and cell width. I'm about ready to pull my hair out. Pro E sucks!!! And to boot you don't even get a manual when you buy the program.


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You've got it already...
It has to be done manually as you descibe it (in fact you must also define "repeat regions" in the table as well to get the reports working)

Compared to other softwares Pro/E really sucks when its comes to drawings but is outstanding in other fields.
Luckily I dont do much drawings.

Have in mind that the "inventor" of Pro/E had an objective saying that the engineer should have total control of the design intent. To ptc that apparently equals manual input of everything.

Another of their visions was also that the use of drawings would dissapear in a few years (1992 I think it was...)

They had printed manuals up to release 20 I think, I keep those last ones well hidden.... (The printed manuals were of much better quality than the on-line manual since they had a lot more graphics that explained more than the words really)


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Do you use perameters?

Do you use Rep Sym to make new reports?

do you know what is repeat region?

there is no software to understand what you think and you must input the data

May be is long like procedure but results are great


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Once you have created a BOM table with repeat regions, etc. just save the table. Whenever you want a similar table just insert it from file. Only hard the first time.


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Thanks for your input. Quite honestly the only area that Pro/E is stronger than Solid Edge is maybe the surfacing. Bu there are so many features that are lacking and take longer to do it is very frustrating, especially for a package that is so expensive. Hopefully they will keep improving.