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BOM balloons vs manually placed balloons


New member
I have a drawing (Wildfire) where I placed some BOM balloons from my repeat region table. I then had to manually place a few balloons afterwards but for the life of me I cannot get the dia of the balloons to match. I tried changing the value for max_balloon_dia from 0 (which is default) to 1.0 just for kicks and that done nothing. The BOM balloons are larger than the manually placed balloons. How do I get them to be the same?


New member
This is a highly technical question. I think I can safely assume that only an extremely seaasoned, proficient user of proe would have a high enough skill level to even realize such an issue exists. I wish I could help you with the answer, but unfortunately I don't know it. Maybe you should just go home and have a Tom Collins.


I am going from memory here, but I do not think you can change the diameter of the default BOM balloon. It resizes based on the number of digits in the balloon. However, you might consider making your own BOM balloon symbol, equal to the size of the other balloons, and use that for your manually placed ones.

BTW, are your automatic ballons the default ones from Pro/E, or are you using a user-defined symbol?


Set these drawing setup values to the same number (experiment to get the right value, eg: 5 or 10mm)



Works for us


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