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BOM balloons on assembly drawing


New member
I have an assembly A that contains about 15 parts plus sub-assemblyB and sub-assembly C. I used assembly A to create the views on the assembly drawing. I have a BOM with two repeat regions in it. When I create the balloons for assembly A all the balloons show with no problems. However, I can't get the balloons to show for sub-assembly B. I've added the sub-assembly B model to the drawing and have it active, but the balloons still will not show. I get an error message that states "Invalid view for showing bom balloons for the region". Here is what I need, but I don't know if Pro will do it. I what to show all the bom balloons for all of the parts in assembly A and sub-assembly B. I want to show sub-assembly C as 1 balloon. Can this be done? It's crunch time on the project and I want to use parametric BOM's. I hate the thought of having to crreate a tabe and type everything in! TIA for your help.

WF 1.0 (M160)


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New member
you could modify your assm. view. like all three together but just modify explode status for asm. c make it unexploded and go to format repeate region/filter click on the table/by item and select the components that you don't want to show ballons on it.