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BOM balloons needed for bulk items


New member

This is more of a drawing standards question than a Pro/E question.

Does any one know if it is required by ASME standards to show balloons for bulk items? Right now we are creating new balloons for the bulk items as well as adding a note flag that specifies the addition of the bulk item to the physical part. For instance to apply threadlocker to a screw we would say something like Apply find 9 to find 3.

Having both the note flag and the balloon seems redundant. I've been looking through the ASME Y14 specs but so far I have not found anything regarding this issue.

Thanks for your help.


New member
Funny that you should post this. In one of the companys I worked we used to argue about Bulk Items with the drafts manager and the correct application. He ordered books, looked through all of the documentation he had and what we ended up with was similar to what you posted with the Apply Item X to Threads on Item Y per Spec XXXX and Insert Item Y into Z.

This is the Kicker, for Bulk Items we did not find anywhere that we had to put a flag on it, and we did not at first. Than the guys in assembly were missing the Loctite and such so we started to put it on the drawing. Found that the guys would only read the first note with loctite and forget the others.

I personally think that we should have done away with the specific note and added to the spec, that way we can use the same note for all of the places where it was put.


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