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bom ballons


New member
Could anybody help with this problem

I've created 2 simp-reps of a assembly. Ive then created a assembly drawing with a bom table and then put views ofthe reps on seperate sheets. How can I get bom ballons to show onviews of the simp-reps on the different sheets.




New member
Createbom-tables on your drawing that are made when each Simplified Rep was active.When you have a bom of a Simplified Rep you will be able to shown the bom-balloons on that view which represent that same Simplified Rep.

In ProE you can only show bom-balloons on a viewif the bom-table is made from the same model AND the same corresponding Simplified Rep.

In you case you have to create 2 bom-tables, and than you will be able to show the bom-balloons on each corresponding view.

Kind regards,

FD Design


New member
I think best method is creat both repeat region on the same table.

say you have 2 rows and 5 cloumns of table

create repeat region for first Simplfied rep on first row

create another repeat region for second simplified rep on second row.

Then use have to use the start index option in repeat region.so that the index of second simlified rep will start from the index where your first simplfied ends.

eg. you have 25 parts in first rep, if you use start index the part index for second rep will start from 26. and not from 1.


New member
Thanks for your help on this guys. At the moment I dont haveany experience in repeat regions so as a quick fix I'll assign the differences to layers and blank them in the drawing sheets.

Thanks again