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BOM ballons, with a reference designator


New member
Ive created an assembly with many terminal blocks, each with a need to be referred in an assembly drawing with a UNIQUE wiring designation. What I'vedone is added an additional column on the assembly table that calls out a repeating region: {0:&asm.mbr.cparam.WIRING_DES}

With this I can freely change a reference designator in the assembly mode. And afterwards Iregenerate the BOM, and all the uniquewiring designators I've assigned showup in the column. Lastly, I've expanded the qty of rows to include the duplicate items so I now have many different item numbers, eachwith a unique WIRING DESIGNATOR

Question: When I make a custom symbol, used as an item ballon as well as a way to refer to 'TB1', it doesnt seem to properly cross reference the component with the unique WIRING_DES variable I've assigned to it. Whats up?