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Is there anyone who has knowledge of BIW(BODY IN WHITE). Are there any website from where we can get the study material or tutorials for that.

thanks for reply


"Body in white" is nothing but the model we get in catia.( colour of the model).Why they call it that way has its root in automobile manufacturing.In automobile mfg the entire body of the mobile after welding is painted in white.The body is ready to roll after the coat of its distinct colour.This body is called the White body.

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CATIA Automotive Body in White Templates is an advanced product that uses unique skilled features to boost body in white design phase productivity. These powerful features allow body in white design teams to quickly create or modify a car body in an associative styling and engineering context. For instance, a user can create an associative shape, place welding points on it, and then assemble the two parts with unprecedented rapidity. The manufacturability of the created body is taken into account, as well as the management of potential styling changes. ABT takes advantage of its total integration with the mechanical shape design products, the freestyle products, and the unique Body in White Fastening product (ABF).


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