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BMX Problems



I am looking for some help in solving a couple of problems I have not encountered before in Pro/ENGINEER 2001 in the Behavioral Modeler. I have a call logged with PTC and searched the knowledge base but I am hoping that I may get additional (or perhaps faster) help here.

Initially had problems with parameters from calculations performed in an analysis (relation) feature were part relations. This was due to the new relation UI. I fixed this, but am not happy about not being able to use the new UI.

Several variables that are calculated in a SOLVE routine would not be available as parameters for a subsequent sensitivity study. Any clue as to why this happens?

Also, during a sensitivity study, the graphs disappear after calculation. I tried using both the default graphing tool and Excel Linked. This was never a problem previously.

Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew

Luck is the residue of design.

Branch Rickey
Build: 2003240

Dell Precision 450 w/ 2 Gb RAM Win 200 Pro

Here are the equations in my relation analysis feature:


F_A1 + F_A2 + F_A3 + F_A4 = CURB_WEIGHT

F_A2 * (X2) + F_A3 * (X3) + F_A4 * (X4) = CURB_WEIGHT * (XCOG:FID_MASS)

(((F_A1 / K1) - (F_A2 / K2)) / ((F_A1 / K1) - (F_A4 / K4))) = R2

(((F_A1 / K1) - (F_A3 / K3)) / ((F_A1 / K1) - (F_A4 / K4))) = R3

FOR F_A1, F_A2, F_A3, F_A4

Best regards,

Hiya Matt,

I had the same problem. A suggested workaround is to turn off the new relations feature in the config pro. Search for new_relations_ui and set it to no. This results in the omission of the new and improved ( and not particularly useful) relation dialog and gives you back the standard relation text editor.

As I said, its a workaround, but it works.

Best regards

Hi All,

I'm bringing back this old thread.

I'm trying to do a sensitivity analysis where I plot a parameter created by some math in relations which is based on a dimension in my model.

In the sensitivity analysis dialog box, I can select the dimension I want to vary, but the only parameters available to plot are those created by dimensional analyses. In the list of available parameters, I don't see those created with relations.

Is it even possible to do what I want to do?