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Blends & Sweeps


New member
Okay, this should be easy but the help files are so bad at providing multi part use. We need to try and blend or sweep?

a square profile with radius corners to a round tube. Should ahve been a breeze but I am having trouble. I need same number of segments to achieve? Blend VErtex maybe?

A simple tube transition and I have spent hours on it...

Help !! :>)
Split your circle using centerlines into eight segments to match the # of entities in the square profile and use a blend (general or parallel) - assuming your trajectory is straight between the two sections..
or, do the blend with a square (4 segments) to a circle (broken into 4 segments). then add radii to the resulting solid. might need to do a variable radius round, with value of 0 at circle end, and value of radius at square end. this may be easier.
You could sketch each profile with a datum curve, create a surface using Advanced/Boundaries and create a protusion using surfaces as a thin. You would have to create a point on the center of one straight segment that lined up with the edge of the created circle. The point would be used to blend vertices. The only problem would be the offset protusion would be normal to the surface leaving one end sticking out from your overall depth and one end inset. Not sure if that was clear?

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You can always create a flat surface on either end of your boundary surface and surface merge the three surfaces (ie create 2 surface merges) to form a bound volume Then create your protrusion using quilt - no need for a thin.

You can also create a general blend and select section on your datum-curves.