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Blended Backgroud


New member
I figured out how to make changes to the colors of the blended background, but I can't seem to make them stay that way when I exit Wildfire and re-start. I, also, got the drawing background to be black and the model background to be blended (just don't know how I did it).

Is there a config option or something else that might help me keep my colors I selected for the blended background?

Steve C


This is from a post by proed. This works for me in Pro/E 2001:

Use your display settings to change the colours, then save the settings file somewhere useful.

Then, in the set the option, for example :

system_colors_file c:\syscol.scl

Next time you restart with that, you will use the background specified.

To get the 2001 colour scheme, I modified the blended background to blues & saved this as the default syscol...


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