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blend -> protusion only gives me blind


New member
Hey all,

I can't tell the protusion from where to where I need the protusion.

This is what I do, I am in assembly mode:

1) Create component in assembly mode,

2) Type = Part, sub-type Solid

3) Creation Options I select 'Create Features'

Then I will start creating the protusion on planes of my skeleton.

It's a simple on, using the edges of a surface from datum plane to datum plane.

After I am done it only gives me the option: Blind

Normally I would get (if I make a protusion in a part) to go from-to or
more options so O constrain the length of my protusion using the datum

What does cauze this?

I read the manuel but properly overlooked something, but I ain't sure what?




New member
Prothinks there is nothing to go from and to because your part has no features. You might try sketching a datum curve to sweep along. You should also start your part with the default datum planes. Even better is constructing the part outside of the assembly and redefining it inside the assembly to meet your requirements. Avoid using assembly features or other component features. This creates external geometry references which can cause problems in the future.


New member
That sounds like a good idea.


I have a part with all my datum planes for reference. What would be the
best way to import/inlude there in all my created parts for reference?

My idea was to create part (in assembly mode) set that as a skelton and use that for all my parts.....

Creating every part seperatly sounds good, but I have to include my reference datum planes.