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Blanking table borders in 2000i



You can blank the internal lines of the table by going to:

Table > Modify Table > Line Display > Blank

Pretty long and tedious process if you have a large table. I'm not sure how to remove the outside lines of the table. Perhaps change the color?
To remove the outside borders add columns remove the inside ones then delete the extra colums, now the outside lines are gone.
simple....Add a row above the first row, unblank the pointed line and delete the row which was added. Now the line will disappear.
yes... the line reappears.

but i find that the border lines can be blanked only on two sides of the table, using the technique of adding one extra column and removing it.

to remove the top border, we must create the table ascending. ie, the first row created must be at the bottom, and extra rows added above it. in this case, we cant blank the bottom line of the table. the same holds true for columns also (add the columns leftwards to remove the left border of the table).
hi grbala;

First update the Sheet and table. and if
problem is not solved then delete the first row of table
and after that delete the cell what you mention in the fig.

Ashok Chauhan
Pro-E WF -3.0 user


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