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black out all layers but 1 proe -> autoca


i have some drawing files from pro which i need to migrate to a
customers autocad file, as a site update for them. ( a machine design
being placed @ several locations on there plant)


basically i can update there drawing, but i need to have all the
original layout print in black, and my updates come up in some pretty
standout colours. Any ideas how to do this?

they have like 200 layers in there original plant layout. if that matters.


heehh where the hell is "layer properties manager" i couldnt find it.

but importing isnt the problem. the problem was

-when printing, i only want 1 of these layers to be in colour and all the rest black.

resolve by

-i created a new pen assignment for printing and make them all black
except the colour of the layer i wanted colour in. I set that to "set
by layer".

thanks for the advice : heheh seems not many people use acad. i have to
admit. its wierd using it. For the more complex items, i made them in
pro as sketchs, then from the drawing i exported them into dxf into
autocad. then assigned them to layers. Prolly not the best way if u
want to learn Acad, but fast.


okies found "layer properties manager"

simply type layer into the text field thingy @ the bottem of acad.

didnt find it in the menu's though.

thanks again :)


New member
puppet I apologize for been so short. For future reference the Layer Manager prop. is on the top menu bar under format/layers. In there you could format dim. as well to make standout even more by font,etc. Once again I apologize. Let me know if you need more help. plus autocad very friendlyit's just the mouse habits trasnsition is the anoing part