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Black Hole


New member

Can someone please explain to me the Black Hole in Layers... I have never seen it before, but all of a sudden it has started appearing in all of my models both new and old...




New member
Black hole is a layer that is used internally in wildfire to store hidden items, but it is not suppose to show up in the layer tree after datecode 2003210. Did it somehow get added as an option in your config.pro file?


New member
Im in pro 2001.. Is it suppost to be in there ? As i have used pro for 6yrs now and have never seen it before


New member
i noticed the black_hole layer while inserting shared data (an emptyiges logo) in the model. the import information windownotified me a black hole layer was inserted into model. that was the first time i have ever seen the black hole layer. Op sys WF2