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Bill of Materials


New member
I have a sub assembly within another assembly that I am creating drawings for, but when I try to pull up my drawing format, my BOM is showing things I haven't put in there, and not what I'd like it to say. It seems that for this particular assembly, somthing's messed up. Other assembly drawings have a BOM and I'm using the same format.

Do you have multiple model (assemblies) in the drawing?

If so you need to make sure bom is coming from correct assembly.

What are other items you are seeing on the bom?

Are they components of sub-assembly?

If so change repeat region attribute to 'Flat' instead of 'Recursive'.

There's just one assembly that is referenced to the drawing.

My BOM currently is showing one of the part names, and then in the next row it has QTY 9 with blank spots in the other boxes. So I think it is counting the number of components in my assembly, but just not naming them and placing them in individual slots. How do you get them to show up w/o having to type them in manually?