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big problem


New member
I have to do some printing work on my 3d model ( text writing and some circuit diagram ).

1)I want text to appear in filled black color. In part modeling filled font does not appear like filled ( like in drawing )

2)If I use cosmetic sketch with hatch than how to modify its hatch spacing and color?

3)Same problem with closed hatched datum curve . don


New member
Sounds like you could make this feature using a surface, then change the color of those surfaces to black. Surfaces have no thickness so it should be a good solution for you.

Good luck.


New member
There is a way to modify the x-hatch of a cosmetic sketch in the Pro/E drawing.

First click on the cosmetic sketch (TIP: if you have problems to selecting it, zoom out first and then click on it), after this right click and choose properties (or go to edit>properties on top menu), this will take you to the MOD XHATCH menu where you can actually change the line spacing, line style and other properties. Good Luck!,


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