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best way


New member
In mould designing rounds and chamfers should be given before or after the drafts ? what is a good practice?

I am new in mould designing field. Can anyone suggest me good site links for mould designing where I can find tips and tricks for best mould designing ( plastic mould / injection/ molding ).

Get all of your major Geometry done before inserting the smaller rounds and chamfers. Leave these until last. This is true with mold design or whatever you are working on.
I like to create rounds & chamfers last whenever possible. These are easier features to recreate if they fail from a changing a previous feature.
i am designing plastic components. i want to enhance my knowledge of mould designing. if anyone can suggest good site to look into.

Regarding rounds, one of the dangers in adding rounds in the initial stages is that you may unknowingly end up with unnecessary parent-child relations. It would make modification a lot more difficult. Another reason esp., with drafted surfaces is that the tangencies of the round are different for a planar surface and a drafted surface.

Hence it is good practice to add rounds as later as possible.
yes, if you are plastic part designer, then ok.

if you are mould desinger and receive from client IGES file with rounds but without drafts ... :) then you are in trouble.

is mean a lot of work.


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