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Best book about ProE


New member
I am a Senior Engineer who has used SolidWorks for the last few years. My company is moving over to ProE. Does anyone have any good recommendations on a good book with some basic user instructions and tutorials?


I'd recommend using Roger Toogood's tutorials if you have never used Pro e before. If you are familiar with modelling tools, it shouldn't take you too long to get through. I am currently using Pro/Engineer 200i2 from Gary Lamit and it has been pretty helpful. I think the book depends more on what application you are using Pro E for. There are alot of Pro E books out there that mite be better if you have a specific intention in mind. Hope this helps.
Hi Axe,

I am a single licensed user and user group member of NEPUG.

Been using Pro-E since Rev. 18. CadQuest has been a good resource for books that I myself have used for self study.

Personally, I think the CadTrain Coach series is a better alternative and more intuitive. Sheet Metal books from are very much tutorial/teaching helpful.

I would like to ask why your company is switching from Solidworks if you don;t mind. I think Pro-E is better, especially wildfire revision development. You can email me at [email protected]


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