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Batch large assy rename?


New member
Is there a way to rename a large assembly and have it rename the drawings and the family tables in each part?

We have assemblies that are around 200 parts. We frequently copy assemblies and rename them to make the next product line (about twice a month). Right now it is done individualy, one part & drawing at a time and it takes nearly 2 days to do the rename.

Each of our sheetmetal parts have a family table instance which is the flat pattern for that part. We include thatinstance in thepart drawing. I know that you can save a copy of an entire assembly and rename parts during the save process, but the family table is removed in the newly saved parts.

Any thoughts on renameing large assemblies and their components?



load up the assembly. then "save a copy"

->pick a new destination

->rename all files with a template.

this will rename all your parts assembly's and subassemblies also copies the drawing files if u have that option set


New member
Just a thought, you mentioned you use the instance in the drawing, If my memory services me, I believe you have to have the generic of the family table also in the drawing with the drawing name the same as the generic. the generic part does not have to have any views shown, just as long as it is loaded in the drawing. The instance still being the main detailed views.

You also mention that you know you can perform a save as on the assembly and rename all parts, you will also get the drawingsas long asthey're named the same as the parts. You may already know that.



New member
Yes, the generic part is in the original drawing as well as the second row of the family table. I use _partnumber for the flat instance where 'partnumber' is the model name.

When I do the 'save a copy', the family table in the part is blown away. The newly saved part does not have a family table associated. And the new drawing is still looking for the flat from the original drawing..... Am I missing something or can this not be done as easily as I would like?