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Ball Bearing


New member

I am trying to create the simple ball bearing. I have created the outer and inner racing and the balls to accomodate inbeteween. I have created one point and gave ball joint during assembly. At first the ball created was rotatating and outer reacing was also rotating. But as soon as i made the array of ball, the ball stops rotating. Whyit happened?

Need help regarding the assembly of the bearing.

Thanking you.



New member
yes i have make use of pattern command.

Can u tell me other alternative to complete the assembly?

Thaking you.



put the balls there but dont use pattern to do it, try the "repeat" command

highlight 1 of the balls.


then create all the connections for each of the balls.


New member
Dear sarvesh,

The mechanism of a ball bearing is like an epicyclic gear train. with the inner race being the sun, balls the planet, cage being the carrier and the outer race the annulus.

You may try to define it like an epicyclic gear train. This is if you really want to make it as a mechanism.