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New member
Hi to all,

I use surface modelling method to creat parts. Sometimes it gives message like over lapping geometry or self intersecting geometry and other errors while merging the surfaces or converting it into solids. Does anyone know how to come out of these problems.

I have one more question to all experts in Pro/E. I have a Pro/E surface model having some irregular surfaces but the file is not having any history. Only one thing I am having as history is External Copy geometry. how can I check the irregularities as geom check is also not active.

Thanks for all expert coments



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Basically your question it not so simple,, but remember one thing that if your want to get rid off these msgs, use spline curves, and make curves with minimum segments so the trouble could be minimized.
External geometry could not be checked by history, but you can redo it by going back to native CAD of that model.
If u send me the model so I will check what is the problem.
[email protected]
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New member
Hi Zaki,

Thanks for replying. I know that my question is not that simple. File size is very big so I cant send it through mail.

If there is some one else who knows any method to come out of this problem.

Thanks for replying



New member
... File size is very big so I cant send it through mail ...
Kind of like asking the doctor for a diagnosis over the phone?

Copy the problem surface and bounding surfaces and post those?


Hi Kujurlla<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
How big your file is?? You can send me through yahoo mail, at yahoo now inbox size is 1 gb there is no problem.