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Backing up a specific file


Try this:

- Log on to the DSMU (proimgr.bat) - Look under Report > Object List

This will give you all the details...

There's also another method, using a script and text files, explained here:

(PTC a/c required)

Note - make the command line:

ilink_object_report < input > report.txt

to output the results to a text file.
Check the part you are looking for into a workspace with the setting at link and not local copy. Once the files are in your workspace just change the table configuration and add the selection File_Path to the table view. This will show the complete path to your Data Server along with giving you the part file (number file) that is stored.


I'm not sure if you can get that info from Intralink if it's not running - the data is locked up in Oracle.

Maybe someone who knows more about oracle tables could help?...


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