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background color

Hello, friends

Is it possible to change the background color to black in the drawing mode?

Thankyou all in advance.

you con change the sheet background and detail background color by in options-drafting-general-colors-chooseur sheet background and detail background color .

Hi, Friends,

I Found the tab-drafting-general-sheet background color, I selected the desired colorfor both detail background and sheet background, there is no change

Am i missing some thing? I am desporate, I think i am going to go blind in a few days

Don't worry!

These options apply to drawings created with versions prior to V5R14. For drawings created with V5R14 onwards, sheet and detail backgrounds colors are defined in the standard file, under the node<KBD>SHEET colors</KBD> of<KBD>GENERAL</KBD> node.


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