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I have one seat of Proe 2000i and shortly we are getting 4 more seats of Proe foundation II,

Suggest me the best practice for data management

I am CAD administrator here and I have to plan
Pro/INTRALINK is PTC's supported workgroup data management system for Pro/ENGINEER data. You may want to check them out too (as Pro/ENGINEER is their product).
Hi Kumar,

Some tips to start up

1. Setup a standard & config.sup

2. Setup of drawing standards & templates

3. Customise Pro/E display to suite the users requirement and standardise the file

4. Work on standard Symbols for detailing.

5. Work on standard material library.

Go ahed if you need any help mail me at [email protected]

With Regards,

In my opinion, Pro/INTRALINK 3.0 OR latest will be the best option for such a requirement. You can make one of them as an Intralink Server and other four will be client server. This will not be much costly. Also the checking and approval of drawings / Models will be online inclusding comments and E-mails.

Mayank Pandya


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