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Axis Tag Display in a Drawing


New member
Does anyone out there know the name of the option to turn off the display of Axis Tags in a drawing. I added an axis to the curl part of a hinge in the model file and want to display the center line in the drwing. I do NOT want to display the Axis Tag "A_3" for example.

I seem to remember seeing a drawing option to turn the tags off but now I'm having trouble rememberingthe name of the option.

Thanks in advance for any help!



You can go to View/Display Settings/Datum Display but there are also icons in the View/Datun Display toolbar. If you turn axis off (not axis tags) the tags will disappear in a drawing.


If you add the centreline (using Show/Erase), and then turn off the datum axis display, the centreline will be there & the tag won't be.


New member
Oops, wrong post :). Sorry guys, this one was answered with axis display turned off.
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