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Avoid Sketch backgroud


New member
I'm working in a large assembly, and when i'm making a sketch, is possible to have constraints with non desired parts, just by clicking somewhere. In CATIA there is an option to disable picking to something else beside sketch. My question is, is there any option in creo to avoid picking anything else beside sketch?


New member
Look up enable references settings or you can always pay very close attention to picking refs.

To Set Reference Creation and Backup Control Options
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Click Assembly.
3. Set the following options in the Reference creation and backup control area to specify global settings for scope, reference handling, reference selection, and color feedback during selection of references.
◦ External components permitted for reference creation (default_ext_ref_scope reference_scope)—Sets the default scope for referencing external models from newly created model features.
▪ All components—Allows referencing any model in the top-level assembly.
▪ Inside Subassembly—Allows referencing only components in the parent assembly.
▪ Skeleton and Layout models—Allows referencing any component in the model’s subassembly and skeletons and layout models higher up on the model’s assembly branch.
▪ None—Allows referencing only inside the current model and its children. Click the Allow exceptions with confirmation check box to confirm referencing external models as an exception.