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How can I automate the task of finding out the length, width, and thickness of a model? Thanks in advance for any comments or direction.


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Interesting read Hacks...Thanks. Here is my situation:

Customer sends me 20 models. Initially all I want to do is open the model and get its overall dims so that I can order material to make the parts. Some type of utility app linked to a mapkey is what I was hoping for. Anymore thoughts? Thanks.


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Although the link Hacks has given has all the expalanation on how to find the overall dimensions of a model but if you are using WF 2.0 here is th way to do it:

CLick on the annotation icon then click on dirven dimensions then select datum plane and give two dimesions ( e.g. length and width). Repeat the same for height with another datum plane. One thing impotant here is that if the model is imported then there may not be a datum plane available.



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