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Automation in Catia


New member
Dear All,

I need to know the process of automating design intent for catia models by inputting the values externally...Similarly what we do in Pro/Engineer using Pro/Program to input the values after regeneration...Can it be done, if yes do post!

Where we can view the codes which are generated in background for Catia Parts?
You can use VBA (which comes with CATIA) to record macros or make simple applications within the main program. However, if you want to externally link CATIA, then you'll have to use VB, or CAA/RADE.

The best way to see the codes generated by CATIA part design is record a macro. This can be done from Tools>Macro>Record Macro. After you're done working on the part, simply click on the finish button, and then view the code. Remember, you can't do a lot with macros though. You'll most probably use VB or CAA/RADE if you want to do extensive automation.

Prabesh Lohani


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