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Automating relation editing


New member

I have several hundreds of models that need change in parameters/relations. Is it possible to somehow automaticaly replace Relations window contents or at least change parameter definitions (e.g. parameter=something_old to parameter=something_new)?


New member

Might be possible using model check. I'm not sure how to configure it exactly, but you can have modelcheck check your parameters and the values of the parameters. It's worth looking into.




New member
We had used to do it with trail files and very minimum shell scripting. In essence you have to start Pro/e, open model, modify parameters and save a model, erase model, end Pro/E. Copy resulting trail file to a text file. Edit a text file to have all comments removed and get rid of exit at the end, and replicate open-modify-save-erase lines in the text file for all your remaining models (replication portion could be done by shell or perl or vb script). Save the text file , start pro/e and run trail file.

You could use jlink, it would work faster but you would spend more time writing a code.




New member
Just a thought, save the relationships by editing relationships and saving them to a file. Delete all relationships. Create yourself a mapkey to purge all old parameters. Create another mapkey to create new parameters. Edit relationships and paste your old relationships back into the relationships editor. Change the parameters used inside your relationships to agree with the new parameters.

One mapkey might be able to achieve most of the above.


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