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Automatic Windchill Server connection


New member
Dear friends, i have a doubt regarding connecting the ProE cession automatically to the server so that i dontwant to connect manuallyeachtime when i start my cession. since i am using windchill, i feel if i use a batch file which will bring the required server detailes form windchill folder and put it in my hard disc then click on the proe icon by itself to start the cession.

In this process i could write the server registry details in a file called config.fld and have also created the batch file to copy it from server and start pro e. but what my doubt is about where and how to copy the file in my hard disc(specifically in my login application data folder) so that i can generalise it to all my pro e usersalso if anyone know pls tell the command to identiof the user name in a cession since that will be more helpfull in doing the above operation.


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