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Automated ProE analysis output


New member
Fishing for ideas:

I would like to be able to output the following information to a text file with a macro.

a) The distant measured in cartesian coordinates (XYZ)


b) the rotational angle

between two coordinate systems.

Assuming the two CSYS's exist, I think I would create an analysis feature. Is there one that measures a and b?

Once I have an analysis feature, how would I automatically move the output to a text file?

Would this be the best way to accomplish this?


create the 2 csys

do analysis>measure>transform

hit he info button then save the file as a text file. this gets the data in the format Ax+b, the first 3x3 numbers are the matrix of rotations(A) and the last column is the translation vector b.

Now you can offset a new coordinate system using the same transformation matix

Create a csys from file then type in the name of the file you saved but just the name without extension.