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Autocad alternative - intellicad


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<DIV id=post_message_224845>personally, i haven't used autocad for a long time. currently, my friend asked me to recommend one good autocad alternative to him.

i think most of the alternative softwares are using the same kernel/technology (intellicad), but just their interfaces are a little bit different. Am i right? is CMS intellicad good to use? it seems to be the cheapest one, much cheaper than Progecad & Bricscad.

if there is no big difference in technology, should i choose the cheapest one? please advise

thanks in advance!</DIV>
<DIV>Dickson sham</DIV>
Any Suggestions for the best IntelliCAD Product?

I want a CAD Software available to me at a vry low cost with efficient CAD functionalities and which can ease my work by migrating License from one PC to another.

Please suggest me.
For the limited 2D work we do we migrated from AutoCAD to DraftsSight. When I did my comparison it behaved more like the old AutoCAD we had been using than anything else including newer versions of AutoCAD. It handled our special fonts, drawing border overlays, plotting (always a PITA in AutoCAD), everything except AutoLISP. Most of our AutoLISP customization had already broken in AutoCAD so it wasn't much of a loss.

Draftsight is also FREE.
Hello Community,

IntelliCAD has been performing well, coming out with new AutoCAD alternative products in collaboration with its members. I appreciate their work and products competing with AutoCAD.

Moreover, the member products from IntelliCAD are affordable yet highly efficient. Coming across the popular products from IntelliCAD like ProgeCAD, ActCAD etc., I found ActCAD excelling the chart.

If asked for suggestion for an AutoCAD Alternative, ActCAD is highly recommended. Leaving the link below to the software.

Thanks and regards,
Thomas Parker


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