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Auto-add text to a drawing table


We have drawing formats with cells that contain revision details & descriptions, ie:

| Date | Rev | Description | Rev By | Check By |

Rev A is OK - the values are taken from Parameters.

What about later revs - how would you automatically prompt for all the values - say RevB or RevC...

Currently we just copy text from the lower cells & modify the text, but this is time-consuming when you up-rev a large number of drawings.


Unfortunately I don't know of any other method. Either you create a series of parameters for each revision, or you manually enter the information in the table.

A nice enhancement request would be to capture the promotion notes in Pro/INTRALINK for re-use in the drawing tables. It would end up being a repeat region and would be able to list any revision related attributes. But this is really a wish list item.
It's been so long - I forgot I had posted this question...

In the meantime, we've got a pretty good solution now.

We have a symbol that is the same size as a row in the revision table. It has variable text for the date, revision, designer, etc...

I created a few mapkeys that insert the symbol at the appropriate location (absolute co-ordinates from bottom-left corner) for each Rev: A, B, C etc

It works really well - a few clicks & you've entered all the info.
hi ed,

do you not use the intralink revision to maintain/manage release level/rev? you can have a parameter/relation that picks up on the intralink revision. this can keep the revision in the main title block and the rev in the revision box the same at all times. if it was up to me, i would only show the latest revision on the drawing with a description of what the revision is. all previous revs would be held on older drawings/models in intralink should you need to check past revisions. i have tried to implement this theory with a client but they were having none of it!!


pro e bureau.

I would like to see how this works. Is there a way you could post a summary of your functionality described above?

I have a few questions about your solution:

Are the symbols populated from the models originaly?

Is the information avalible to your PDM system?

Are the symbols just sitting on the drawing face unattached to specific format entities?

What, if anything, is parametric in your symbols?


The symbols just sit on top of the drawing, at specific co-ordinates... The values are entered manually for each rev.

The info is not available thru PDM.

There's nothing parametric in the symbol..

We just needed a quick solution, thats easy to use, and this one works well.

I can send you an example of the symbol if you want..



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