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Athlon XP or Not?


New member
Hardware requirements for Pro/ENGINEER list only Pentium derivants. Will it run on an Athlon XP system.
Pro/E runs well on Athlon chips. I havent had a pentium since the original Pentium 200MHz! The Athlon chips are cheaper and as yet I have had no difficulties. I am using Win2k Pro with a 1.3 GHz Athlon.
I've seen Pro/E run on Durons, Celerons, Cirus, and other less fortunant processors. I would say go for it....The XP chip is supposed to be really good. My guess is that Pro/E would be smokin on an XP chip (of course its not all about the processor).
I run dual MP's and Pro/E is very fast on them. Unfortunately Pro/E doesn't multitask so I don't really get any benefit from the second processor.
It will run on an Athlon, but a quick look to on the difference if you get a overheated CPU

look for Hot Spot - How Modern Processors Cope With Heat Emergencies -It might give some insight
Krh-proe is right....

I would definatly look at, this site is very good for information on hardware performance, I would recommend checking this site before doing any major hardware purchases
Krh-proe I scanned the article you referenced and I have to say that it is a little dated. All XP's and MP's have a thermal protection diode now, thunderbirds do not. At the time Hot Spot - How Modern Processors Cope With Heat Emergencies was written there were no motherboards / chpsets capable of utilizing the diode. Now most new motherboards are able to throttle or shut down the system in the event of an overheat occurence, at least Asus and MSI boards anyway.

I personally run the A7M266-d, (with dual 1900+ MP's), and it is supposed to be able to fully utilize the diode and shut the system down in the event of an overheat, however, I am unwilling to verify for you.

Also, I take the optimistic view. If my CPU'(S) fry in a year I have a good excuse to upgrade.

Yes, I do own stock in AMD, but I also own stock in Intel as well.
Athlon xp is fine, just check the (essential) on-motherboard cpu temp monitor (should always be happy if its below 60)whilst giving the cpu a hard time. This will verify that the cpu selection is now not the main dilemma, the case is. It should be aluminium with sensible cable routing to help airflow and dissipation unless you can afford to specify a chiller.
What about Pro/Mechanica (student edition)? Would this run well on an Athlon computer with Windows XP??
The Athlon Xp is better than Pentuim III,but I don't know whether it is better than Pentuim IV.

I have used Pro/E 2001 and Pro/E wildfire on Win2000 Pro which is base one Athlon Xp and Via KT266A chips.

It's so wonderful!! :)

It's so cheap!! :)

It's no problem! :)

Friends ,Enjoy yourself.


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