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Athlon, GeForce4, ProE


New member

I asked this question last week, but it seems people only respond to new posts, so here goes again.

I have graphics problems with ProE 2001 - students edition. In sketcher mode, everything appears fine until I attempt to draw (line, arc, circle, etc) which is where all the lines disappear on my screen. Features which already exist and refrences stay on the screen, but I cannot see any of the blue lines which represent the geometry of the feature I am trying to create.

I have a GeForce Ti4400 (128 megs of RAM) running on as system with an Athlon XP 2000+ processor and with 526 megs of RAM. The OS is WinXP Home (too cheap to buy Pro).

I HAVE the newest drivers. This fixed some other problems I was experiencing, but not the one I just described.

My freind and another person on the forum also are having problems with ProE 2001 - student edition which are not related to the graphics card. Both also have various Athlon XPs and WinXP. Are there known issues with Athlon processors?

Here are some previous threads where these problems were addressed, but not solved:
Well, the semester has ended and I did not recieve any good advice on fixing this problem. Now I don't care anymore. For those Athlon users out there, I hope you can find the answer to your problems. I probably won't be back here anymore, but if I figure out what was wrong with ProE, I'll make sure to let everyone know. I don't like unanswered questions from people who need help, after all.


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