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Associative Dimensions


New member
I recently converted to WF 2.0 from 2001 and have had a problem with associative dimensions. In 2001, on the Dimension Text tab of the Dimension Properties dialogue box, dimensions and any added text was segregated by brackets {0:}, {1:}, etc; in WF 2.0 the brackets are no longer there and thus text is associatedwiththe dimension. When I saved a copy of a model and drawing and then changed text within a dimension on the new drawing, it was also changed in the original drawing. The models are ideintical but the text needed in each is different.

How do I either: get WF to add/readd the brackets as a default, or dissasociate the dimensions/text without having to reapply them individually?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



New member
Associative dimensional values are stored in the model by default. If you use the model for more than one drawing, you will have to manually add the text you wish to see, or add driven dimensions to the drawings. There is a config.pro option for storing the dimensional values in the drawing. I do not know what other effects that option would have.


New member
After searching through the config option database I found this string: create_drawing_dims_only yes. I then had to erase (not delete)the dimensions in the new drawing and readd them. they are then saved as part of the drawing and thus individual text/dimensions.

Thank you.