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New member
hi friends

i have a prooblem in asm. i design a cylindrical rod and a nut(no threads). i assimble it with Align for axises. now it partially constrained.i want to move the nut on the rod freely.how i can make it Fully contrained.can i animate it with Mechanica/motion.

I'm using Proe-2001.



New member

You need min three constraints to make a part fully constrained.

Try adding a mate/align constraint in addition to the axis align, then the nut becomes fully constraint (Allow assumptions)

If you add one more constraint for rotation(mate/align) the nut becomes fully constrained.

If you need to animate the the cylindrical rod and nut, Define Connections between the nut and rod. If youare interested only in animation, you can do it using mechanisms in assembly mode.

Hope this helps.

Best of Luck,