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Assembly Revisions in Intralink


New member
This may be a dumb question so excuse me if it is...

Let's say I have an assembly stored in intralink called Assembly.asm. This assembly is at revision 1. This assembly contains 4 parts: part1.prt, part2.prt, part3.prt & part4.prt. All of these are at revision 1 as well. Now, I make a change to part3.prt and bump the revision to 2 on the part as well as in Assembly.asm.

Here's my question: If I was to use the locate tool to find all revisions of the Assembly.asm and I wanted to load revision 1 of that assembly, would it load revision 1 of part3.prt or would it load the latest revision (2) in Intralink?

Thanks in advance,

If you save Assembly.asm (rev 2) with part3.prt (rev 2).

Then when you checkout the Assembly.asm (rev 1), from check out confirmation form, goto Options.

From options, on Object Versions you should have choice of Latest and As stored.

Choose As stored, and press Update.

Check out object list should update with part3.prt (rev 1).

Good luck.


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