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Assembly of tubes


New member

I am working on a bicycle frame with a standard library of tubes. I would like to keep the library of tubes in one folder, but build assemblies with these tubes in another folder. The tubes will have assembly cuts only. How do I keep Wildfire 2.0 from always asking to recover thetubes when opening the assembly. why cant it remember the file location of the library. Any suggestions

Thanks Jeff


add the following line to your config.pro

search_path Drive *letter*:\*location of your library*


search_path j:\custom_tubes\bicycle_1

you can add heaps of them

search_path j:\custom_tubes\bicycle_1

search_path j:\custom_tubes\bicycle_2

search_path j:\custom_tubes\bicycle_3

search_path j:\nuts_n_bolts

search_path j:\frogs_n_goats


New member
Thanks for the reply,

This works fine, for my simple tube library,but I can see it getting difficult for things like using the Pro object library where you have many parts in many sub-directories. Is there a way for Pro-e to also dig into the sub-directories.

Thanks Jeff


You need to run the utility in the library directory that creates the library search paths for you. Once completed there will be a config.pro for you to copy the search paths from. Then you past them into your config.pro (or .sup)

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New member
My Pro e Wildfire 2.0 came with 2 additional disk. One is a graphics library with textures and backgrounds, and the other is called Basic Library. The basic library has all of the misc hardware and such.