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assembly history


New member
I have used UG but its beenseveral years ago. Been on Pro E for some time. I have created an assembly. In Pro E the parts you assemble are in the order they were placed in the assembly. I believe you can do that with Nx but I cant find it. I believe you can look at the tree in timestamp format. Or at least thats how I remember it. Can someone tell me how to change my assembly navigator to show the order that I placed the components in the assembly. Thanks Lee
Edited by: Ledawg
I don't think that's an option for the Assembly Navigator in NX6. I know it's an option for the Part Navigator, to show features in the order they were created.
in UG the parts are also in the order that you assemble them. It's the mates/alignments that can be in a different order like in Solidworks. Above the assembly parts in the model tree are your mates. you can redefine them at will once you locate them. I use the right hold down option from the model tree to locate the assembly mate constraints tool.


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