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Assembly 2001


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Hi Everyone,

Could anyone shed some light on a productive way of working with an assembly in 2001, you will have to excuse me as my company will not pay for any training and I'm battling all the way at the moment. The problem I have is, I have done a simple sheet metal component, taken it into assembly and the design is to have both left and right hand parts, so i've created a mirrored part from within the assembly. This new part then appears in my working directory. Now I want to keep my parts and assemblies in separate directories on my drive, so I think to myself i'll cut and paste the new mirrored part into my parts directory and that's that.WRONG, I then go back into the assembly and it can locate the part, now all these directories are in my config file as search paths so why can't Pro-e locate these parts, i'm completely confused, why have a option to create new parts when pro-e needs them in the directory they were created in!! Sorry it's such a long question but if any of you can suggest a better method of working I will be very grateful

Thanks in advance



Pro/E does not keep care where you keep your files as long as it can find them when it needs them. If you are keeping your files spread out in separate directories, then your search paths must be defined such that Pro/E will be able to locate the file the next time it is brought into session (i.e. for your next Pro/E session, or after you erase all objects from memory).

Quick test to see if your search paths are working:

1) Open up a new Pro/E session (close the old one)

2) File / Open / and then simply type the filename of a part in one of your other folders (i.e. 12345.prt). Do not browse through any folders at this point.

3) If the part comes up, then your search path works... if not, it doesn't.

Questions you should be asking (if not using a PDM system),

1) Do I really need to put assemblies and parts in separate folders?

2) Should my folders organized by part number, file type, project, product, etc...?

3) Do I plan on purging these folders, or am I going to try to maintain some sort of revision history... and how am I going to do that?

4) How will you be handling renaming of files, and functions such as where-used reports? (if at all)

5) What about file protection & Access control?

Stuff you should read:


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To keep your less cluttered with search path statements use the config option search_path_file that retrieves a simple text file that contains all the search paths. ProE doesn't care where the files are as long as you tell it in what directories it should be looking for them.