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assembling helical gears


New member

can somebody please help me assemble a pair of helical gears?

I have two helical gears having 418 pcd and 50 teeth each. the helix angle is 15 degrees. but when i tried assembling them i just didn't know what to do..please help me..

I think you are going to assemble these two gears and then try to animate it, you should follow these steps:

in pro/assmebly --> mechanism>model>Drivers

you should assemble your gears with drivers in order to be able to simulate the movements.
Use pnt. on surface.

Create a pt. on the mating surface using vertex method. Then use this point to touch the surface of the mating gear. The other constraints do orient, align, orient,etc. If required, convert the orient to align offset and leave it in the default value itself to get it fully constrained.


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