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Assemble mutiple parts


New member
I'm not shure if I understand right, but ... for assmble many parts at one time, u can use sub-assemble.

If u want to assemble same part in many positions u can use ADV ASM - > repeat.


New member
ok in this case, iI guess for you is better if u make few separate assembles, and after that to make the main asm file.

I work in this way ... for each functional type I make an asm. ... at least

this depends how many parts u have in asm. but if u have complex parts or ... many parts is better when u redefine something.

and ... another thing u can extend this path to interchange design


New member
adicar01 is right. If it is a functional grouping, top-down design methodology says to use sub-assemblies. But if you are trying to assemble something like fasteners which aren't necessarily a functional grouping, you could try making a user defined feature (udf) of the components you always want to assemble together.