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Artwork to Solid Model


New member
Hi guys, I'm new here. Here's what I'm up against. Have a part modeled in Pro Engineer. Our tooling vendor is working on a blowmolded tool as we speak. Our graphics consultant just sent in the artwork that needs to be molded in to the part.

Is there a way for me to take the dxf file they sent (2D) and import that into Pro E?? Need to do a simple extrusion of the graphic.

IF someone can help you'll really save my a$$!
Import it to model and you can then use-edge in sketcher.

Only thing is you can't control location...
I'm working on it now. Seems pro e has a problem importing dwg files accurately, things seem to get a little skewed. Tried using a dxf with no problems. I'll let you guys know how it turns out!
Ok guys, I got this to work. It's crazy though, and there has to be a better way to do it. I imported the 2d iges file into part mode, then created an extrusion from that using edge. You can't control placement of the sketch it's a real pain.

I'm just trying to take some 2d data, either a dxf or iges, and get thoese entities into sketcher so that I can extrude it...any other ideas??

I really apprieciate any help.

THanks guys.

give this a try. import like you have. creat a protrusion like you have. but when still in sketch mode after all of you edges have been identified, do a save as, save your sketch under a new name xxxx. quit the feature you were in the process of creating. now start a new feature, now while in sketch mode go to import apend to model and pick the section you saved xxxx. it should come in just like you had but the dimensions will not be strong. also you when you bring in that sketch it will ask for a scale. go 1.000 this will bring it in to the exact size you had copied. now moving it around will be a lot easier.

thanks T


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