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artwork.pdf image dwg


New member

is it possible to import an artwork .pdf file into drawing?

I am doing a label drawing and wanted to incorporate

an artwork in .pdf file only. if yes/no, what command will i use? or is there anyway to use .pdf or should i request for

other file? adobe illustrator is the source but difficult to

find it. hoping for your help.

What I think you can try: find a software (might be a free download) to convert raster type files (jpeg, tiff, pdf) into vector type (dxf) which subsequently can be imported in Pro/E.

Keep me posted if you succeed.

I have looked into those converters and they don't always work very good.

Anyone have one that will work most of the time????

I down loaded a trial version of Adobe Illustrator to try the export to dxf function but I don't know how to do it.

Is there anyone that does know?



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