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Areas of application for Data Sharing Features


New member
Hello to everyone!

I'm a student of technical engineering and write my diploma about modelspanning Modelingstrategies in ProE. There are many possibilities and areas of application for using the data sharing features. So the main point are the advantages and disadvantages of the referencing methodes.

It would be very interesting for me to know for which cases you use functions like CopyGeom, Merge, Inheritance or PublishGeom. (Examples could be CopyGeom with SurfaceCopy for Master Model Technique or Inheritance for great assemblies.)

Many thanks in advance

copy geometry is used where u need to take a reference from another part to create a new part in reference to the earlier when u are working in an assembly.....

merge command is used to merge one or more components to get a single part in assembly mode...

i dont know abt the next two .. if u know pls do let me know...


prabakar m


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