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Applying Timeout Patch after 1-10-2004


New member
I just found out about the timeout patch issue. I know
it's a little late. I applied the nmsd.exe patch for
2001 and Pro/E would not start. Luckily I kept a copy
of the file. Does anyone know if this is because it is
after the 1-10-2004 date? If so, what can I do? BTW I
am not on active maintanance.


New member
My understanding is that after Jan 10, 2004, if you did not use the patch that Pro/E would not start at all. If you were able to use Pro/E before the patch, maybe just go through it again to make sure everything was done right. These were the instructions that we were given:
<DIV>Follow these steps:</DIV>
<DIV>1) close ProE</DIV>
<DIV>2) rename : <local drive>\<proe loadpoint>\i486_nt\nms\"nmsd.exe" to "old-nmsd.exe"</DIV>
<DIV>3) copy H:\cad\ProE\ProE-setup\Jan10 patch\nmsd.exe to <local dirve>\<proe loadpoint>\i486_nt\nms\nmsd.exe</DIV>


New member

If you are running Intralink 3.2 or earlier, you also have to put the nmsd.exe in directory loadpoint i486_nt\nms\nmsd.exe



New member
A little more information onmy problem...

Pro/E has ran fine after Jan 10, 2004 with the exception of my J-Link apps not auto-starting as they should. They can be manually started though.

I installed the patch as instructed as well as the additional libraries for J-Link.

Then Pro/E wouldn't start. I then removed nmsd.exe patch and the lib file for J-Link. Pro/E started again. I reinstalled the J-Link lib file. Still OK. Just not with the new nmsd.exe patch.

Thanks Again,