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applying colors to features in a drawing


New member
In my drawing, I'm trying to set colors to individual features so the machinist can distinguish a group of 10-32 holes from a group of 6-32 holes (i.e. set 10-32 to red, 6-32 to blue, etc).

I tried the DISP MODE/VIEW DISP/MODEL COLOR scheme, but it doesn't set colors to these features, only to the entire part.

Anyone have a suggestion?
To distinguish groups of different size holes from others on a drawing, I place a note consisting of a single letter (A), next to each hole for that size, then also add this text line to the dimension text for that feature: HOLES MARKED A or B or C, etc.
I can offer you bad solution, where there is no any other solution, but result will be exactly, you want.

After you are done with the drawing, made copy of it.

Retrieve copy, make snapshuts of all views and change colors of lines you need. This will be not parametric drawing.

You still have your original drawing.


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