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Append family table using Excel


New member
Has anyone been able to append a family table by using Excel?

We have information from excel files which we manually type into the family tables. We could just cut and paste, but that is just as slow.


create a part or asembly that has the information (dimensions) you want to enter by a family table.

Create a family table of this model and select the dimensions that you want to enter with your excisting family tables.

Create only one instance (the generic) and click File>edit with excel.

Then copy and paste to the right columns you data.

Click File > Update Proe > close

Return to proe... see the result

If you have created right the generic part with the right dimensions you can see that your data has entered to you Family table.

Just be careful to create right your model so that you can use the right dimensions (the dimensions you have already in you excel files) as parameters in your Family tables.


Talking about using Excel for Family Tables, is there a way to swap rows? There is a command to swap columns, but what about rows?

I tried to use Excel in this matter, but it didn't work.

Has anybody ever found out what DanD is talking about, swapping rows? I'm trying to better organize some instances. This is quite an old post I'm eplying on but didn't find any other topics relating to this.

Wildfire 2 M220
Best way to swap rows are using Sort (In family table, Tools > Sort)

You can highlight the column you want to sort by and sort (Ascending or Descending).
If you need, you can create a temporary parameterand add it to family table to use as sorting order.



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