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Appearance of multiple note leaders


New member

I'm working in 2001. Quite frequently, in assembly drawings containing notes with leaders to identify components, multiple leaders will appear when I open the drawing. This happens even though I created the original note with only one leader. This is a pain as any time I open a drawing to do a revision, I must delete any of these bastard leaders that show up often. Has anyone experienced this or know of a fix?

Did you try regenerating the drawing? I noticed that sometimes with 2000i^2 you see junk that simply dissappears with a regen.

I haven't used 2001. Does it still have a Modify Attach menu option? I delete extra note leaders using that by simply subtracting the unwanted references in Modify Attach.

Yep. That's what I do to get rid of the unwanted extra leaders that frequently show up when I open a drawing for the first time in a session after checking it out from Ilink. This is just extra work though, and if there is a way to prevent these extra leaders from apperaing, that would be the ideal solution.

Recently we have been having trouble with our symbol instances, weld symbols in particular. Same situation, meaning extra leaders or leaders disappearing, but it seems to also carry over into the reference text on occation. Has anyone else seen it carry over into objects that were associated with the leaders.


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